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General information on protection of privacy and personal data


Gaining and maintaining trust is essential to what we do. That is why we are truly committed to transparency in our relationship and privacy practices. Any personal information and data that will be disclosed to us and are considered as personal data, will be processed only if there is a legal basis for it, ie only for a specific purpose and of course with your consent in cases where it is necessary, and therefore we invite you to engage in all our activities with full confidence in terms of protection of your personal and other data. We do not collect information or personal data from children.


This document is a privacy and cookie policy and can help you find the information you need about how we treat your personal information, ie cookies. Read this document carefully and in full to find out more precisely what personal data we collect, ie how we collect, use, share, store and disclose your personal data. Our privacy and cookies policy will be regularly changed or updated in accordance with our activities and needs, of which you will be notified in a timely manner. If you have additional questions, please contact us directly at: mailto:info@apolloniacasino.com.






Contact information of the Controller


Fortuna Internacional DOOEL Gevgelija according to the Law on Personal Data Protection (Official Gazette of Republic North Macedonia no.42 /2020) is in the capacity of controller for the personal data we process, unless otherwise stated in this document.


There are several ways you can contact us, including by phone, email, live chat and posting. More details can be found on our website apolloniacasino.com




Our mailing address is:


Gevgeliski Partizanski Odred 1


1480 Gevgelija




You can contact us at info@apolloniacasino.com or through our mailing address.






How do we get the information and personal data we process?


Most of the personal data and information we process is provided to you directly by you for one of the following reasons:


You choose access to our services and resources

You submit a request for information to us

You want to attend or have attended an event we have organized

You applied for a job at us

You represent your organization

The data we collect is limited to the types of information that can usually be found on your business card, and usually but not exclusively refers to:


Your name and surname

Title / position of your job

The name of the company / institution in which you work

Your official e-mail address and

Your phone number





Information that we receive while you browse our website (data browsing):


In addition to the types of information you wish to provide to us, we also receive the following technical information, which under certain conditions may still be considered as personal data, alone or when combined with other data:


IP addresses and/or domain names of computers you use when using our services

URI (Unique Resource Identifier) ​​addresses the resources required by your web browser

Request time

The method your web browser uses to submit the request to the server

The size of the file received in the response

Numeric code indicating the response status of the server (successful, error, etc.) and

Parameters related to the operating system you are using.





Use and sharing of your personal data.


Any personal information you provide to us is used by us to provide you with the highest quality of our services and information listed in this document. We will never sell your personal information to anyone, nor will we give it to someone else for unauthorized use. For now, we do not share your personal information with third parties that could facilitate the delivery of our services for example. Our plan for the future is to use a third party service to send you event information in case you have agreed to this, but this will be a matter of an updated Privacy and Cookies Policy for which an additional announcement will be posted on our website in time manner.


Any personal data that we have acquired during your use of our services are used only to obtain anonymous statistical information on our website, as well as to check their proper functioning or to improve the quality of our services. This data is deleted immediately after processing. We will not share your information or personal data with third parties for direct marketing purposes unless we have your explicit consent to it.






Your rights to personal data protection:


According to the Law on Personal Data Protection, you have rights that we need to inform you about. The rights available to you depend on the purpose, ie the reason for processing your personal data. More information on this topic can be found on the website of the Agency for Personal Data Protection www.azlp.mk or to our state body-competent regulatory body at info@privacy.mk. In addition, you will find the basic or basic information regarding the mentioned rights:




Right of access

You have the right to request copies of your personal information from us. This right always applies. There are some exceptions, according to the law, which means that you cannot always get all the information we process.




Right to correction

You have the right to ask us to correct information that you think is incorrect. You also have the right to ask us to complete the information that you think is incomplete. This right always applies.




Right to delete

You have the right to ask us to delete your personal information in certain circumstances. This right applies only under certain conditions in accordance with law.




The right to restrict processing

You have the right to ask us to restrict or stop the processing of your personal data in certain circumstances in accordance with the law.




The right to object (request to terminate the processing completely) to the processing.

You have the right to object to the processing only if the processing of your personal data is not part of our legal obligations or is in our legitimate interest.




The right to data portability

This applies only to the information you provide to us. You have the right to ask us to transfer the information, ie the personal data that you give us from one organization to another (controller) or to give it to you. The law applies only if we process personal data based on your consent, or in the process of concluding an agreement if you are one party, ie if the processing is automated or if we process your information for the purpose of implementing legal obligations in the field of criminal law and procedure.


You are not required to pay any fee for exercising the above rights, except when, depending on your request, it is related to a particularly large number of operations or activities of which you will be informed in advance. Regarding this, certain exceptions have been made in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection. In order to achieve your rights, in accordance with the indicated regulation, ie acting upon your Request, according to the law, we have one month to respond.




The right to complain. (Right to object)

We work with high standards when it comes to processing of your personal information, however if you have any questions or problems, contact us at info@apolloniacasino.com and we will answer.


If in any case you remain dissatisfied, you can file a complaint about the way we process your personal information to the Agency for Personal Data Protection at info@privacy.mk






You attend an event, participate in a lottery, seminar or workshop or are part of a prize game


Purpose and legal basis for processing:


Our goal for collecting this information, ie personal data is to be able to realize the event and provide you with appropriate, quality and acceptable service.


The legal basis on which we rely for the processing of your personal data is our legitimate interest and in certain circumstances your consent.


What we need, ie what you need to know in this case is:


If you want to attend any of our events, you will be asked to provide your information, ie personal contact information, including the name of your organization/institution and if your attendance is confirmed, we may request certain information about Your preferences and habits if it is an event that is held with physical presence. We can also request payment if there is a fee for attendance, ie participation.






Why do we need this information?


We primarily use this information to facilitate the holding of the event and to provide you with quality service, but in certain cases we also use it to meet goals in accordance with the law. We also need this information, ie personal data so we can communicate with you or respond to any of your requests.




We do not share this information or personal data with anyone, and we delete it immediately after the event, unless there are legal obstacles to it. You can see the details in the cookies section.


We do not publish lists of participants for events.






How long do we store your personal data?


When you visit our website, your browser automatically sends information to the server of our website, https://apolloniacasino.com/which is temporarily stored in a file. In any case, you can see details of the storage deadlines in the cookies section.






About Cookies


Cookies (“cookies”) are small files that are used to collect information that allows you to recognize your computer or other device during your next visit to our website, which allows faster and more adequate access. Also, in certain cases we write information in the form of “Cookies” on your computer, i.e. another device with which you connect to, https://apolloniacasino.com/in order to adjust the visit to the websites according to your needs and habits.


All information that is stored or stored within the “Cookies” will be used only for the needs of our website in a way that your privacy or personal data will not be compromised.


By using this website https://apolloniacasino.com/ YOU agree, ie accept the provisions set out in the Controller Privacy and Cookies Policy.






Why do we use cookies?


We use cookies on this website for the following reasons:


For technical operation of the website

For collecting aggregate and anonymous statistical data

To remember your preferences for how the page is displayed (preferences for screen parameters), such as color contrast or font size

To remind/remind you, whether or not you agree with our use of cookies on this website.

When you visit our website, we may collect some information from your search, such as the IP address, the content of the Controller website that you visited, when you visited it, and from which website you were redirected.


When you visit our website we use a third party Google Analytics service to collect standard access information and details of visitor behavior, but in a way that no one can be identified, nor is Google allowed to reveal the identity of those who visited our website.






What kind of cookies do we use?


We use persistent cookies, which remember the search/session when the user shuts down the browser, in order to maintain the user’s status.


You make the selection of cookies through the option – Cookie settings, on the home screen of the Company’s website.






Information on how to disable cookies for all web sites?


The “Help” menu in the browser toolbar of your computer provides the following user information:


How to prevent the acceptance of new cookies in the browser

How to set the browser to notify you when you receive a new cookie

How to turn off cookies completely.

Changing cookie settings is different for each browser. You can find detailed information by clicking on https://www.aboutcookies.org (in English), which will give you tips for changing cookie settings in all modern browsers, or you can contact us by e-mail.






Change in the terms of use of the Privacy and Cookies Policy


The Privacy and Cookies Policy may change from time to time. Therefore, please review it regularly to stay informed.


Date of last change 01.09.2021 Gevgelija.

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