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Apollonia will reimburse all Poker players for their accommodation cost – up to 20€, only for WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY.


OASIS, STELLA, IVI, BULEVARD, LOTUS, PAINT IT BLACK, RAMADA, NAR – If you are accommodated in any of these places, you can easily find your way to Apollonia Casino Hotel & Spa. All are up to 10min walking distance. NAR & RAMADA are close to the city, just a short taxi ride away.
We advise all the players, who are arriving with their own vehicles, to use the parking of Apollonia or to consult with our employees on where to park. DO NOT leave your cars parked on the street in front of the hotel because it is against the law and you will be fined.
If you need transportation to Apollonia Hotel & Casino, call/viber some of the following TAXI numbers:
– TAXI BUSH: +389 34 13 233 or viber + 389 71 363 676
– TAXI HIT: +389 34 13548 or viber +389 70 904 330
Approximate taxi price within the city in one way is 1.5-2€ and close to the city 3-5€.

2. Apollonia CASINO will work 24 hours, 19-23 APRIL


– During the 5 days of the Poker Festival, in the Breakfast room you have a complimentary Buffet that will be served during breaks. Complimentary coffee, tea and water is offered in the Poker Room. All the other drinks you can purchase at the Tournament Poker Room bar, according to the discounted pricelist.
– Breakfast in Apollonia Hotel is served from 6-11am (local) in the Breakfast room. For those who are not staying in Apollonia Hotel, you can purchase for 4€ per person from the waiter in the Breakfast Room.
– Lunch / Dinner: There are 3 ways to purchase dinner ticket for Apollonia Casino restaurant:
• Buy the SPECIAL OFFER PACKAGE at the cage in the casino (free dinner is for regular menu only);
• Play the slots or tables, collect points that you can be redeemed for Dinner Ticket (500/1000points)
• Simply, at the cage buy the dinner ticket for 5€ for Regular menu & 10€ for VIP menu
– Casino restaurant is open every day from 12pm till 4am, and Friday & Saturday from 12pm till 5am (local time)

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