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Located in the heart of the Balkans, APOLLONIA hotel & casino provides a meeting point for every business person in the area, connecting business and pleasure while offering competitive prices at the same time.

Equipped, elegant glass  hall, with a capacity up to 20 people, to be used for business meetings, seminars, professional workshops  …

Conference centre, with a capacity of 70 people, to be used for conferences, corporate seminars,  lectures, receptions…



Fine art has been hung in hotels for decades. There are tales of down-on-their-luck residents at the Chelsea Hotel in New York or the La Colombe d’Or in St. Paul de Vence, France offering up their work in exchange for room and board.

It is very much in this way that the art in the Apollonia Hotel has been acquired and displayed throughout the hotels public spaces and in every single guest room, including even the Apollonia Casino.

Over 200 works of contemporary art occupy the entire property, including the hallways, which have a gallery on each floor. The hotel also features sculptural installations and other works of art by both well-known and up-and-coming Balkan artists.

This idea began with the Apollonia Group owner, Lars Kling and his lifelong passion for collecting art, which has given the collection its unique signature.

“The art has become a part of the identity of the hotel,” says Kling, “it reflects my lifelong interest in the Arts and support of local artists. It integrates into the architecture, design, concept, and what we call the soul of the hotel.”

The public spaces in the hotel offer a unique opportunity to display Kling’s very personal collection to the hotel’s guests and create a gallery-like atmosphere that provides a memorable experience rather than just “somewhere to sleep”.

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