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The game continued for the places and the leaderboard points and the finishing places are the following:

1st place Gavriilidis ”Orgasmos” Panagiotis €12.000

2nd place Grigor Yonchev €7.500

3rd place Charalampos Kapourtzoudis €6.590

4th place “The Boss” €6.590

5th place Toni Zengovski €7.500

6th place Giannis Rouvetis €6.590


Thank you all for participating to all our event…because the game belongs to the players!!!



We have a deal!!!

The 6 remaining players decided to make a deal:

Gavriilidis ”Orgasmos” Panagiotis €12.000

Toni Zengovski €7.500

Grigor Yonchev €7.500

Charalampos Kapourtzoudis €6.590

“The Boss” €6.590

Giannis Rouvetis €6.590




Round 28 50.000/100.000/100.000

Elimination in 7th place, €2.320 for Evgeni Georgiev (photo) and 9.500.000 chips for ”Orgasmos”!!!

”Orgasmos” opens to 200.000 from high jack and Evgeni raises to 490.000 Orgasmos calls and the flop comes AsKc2s. Both players check and turn is a Jd. Orgasmos bets 450.000 and calls Evgeni’s 3-bet to 1.000.000. A 3s on the river with Orgasmos checking and shoving to Evgeni’s bet of 1.000.000. Orgasmos reveals Qs8s  and Evgeni KK! Orgasmos had 120.000 more than his opponent and is now massive chipleader


Tsaknis Vasilios in the 8th place for €1.820!

”Orgasmos” open with AK, Tsaknis shoved with TT for 1.120.000 and Rouvetis Giannis shoved too for 800.000 also having AK

The JA269 board was enough foetis €6.590r Tsaknis to go to the rail but also enough for Rouvetis to remain in the game!



First elimination of FT is Paschos Dimosthenis finishing in the 9th place for €1.410



Back from the break with Round 27 40.000/80.000/80.000

Final table is ready and chipleader is Evgeni Georgiev

1. Evgeni Georgiev 3.930.000

2. Panagiotis Gavriilidis 3.500.000

3. “The Boss” 2.260.000

4. Grigor Yonchev 2.050.000

5. Charalampos Kapourtzoudis 1.600.000

6. Toni Zengovski 1.570.000

7. Dimosthenis Paschos 850.000

8. Vasilis Tsaknis 820.000

9. Giannis Rouvetis 680.000



The end of one’s dream is the beginning of an other’s!

11th place and €1.115 for Anestis ”Fanatik” Z. (photo 1) who shoved with AdQd for his remaining 400.000 chips from utg and got called by Kapourtzoudis Charalampos (photo 2) with JJ. The flop had an Ace but the J on turn gave the pot to Kapourtzoudis!

Meanwhile we had one more elimination in the 10th place Berat Hoxha for €1.115

Break and we’ll return with the Final Table, the remaining 9 and their chipcount!




”Like a Boss…” for ”The Boss”(photo)

who eliminates Sytela Jouko Tapio and climbs up to 3.200.000 chips!!!

12th place for Sytela Tapio and €870!


Round 25/25.000/50.000/50.000

13th place and €870 for Shalev Ljupcho after loosing an all in with A9 against Toni Zengovski (photo).

Toni had 66, the Board had 2 Aces but also a 6!



Huge pot for Gavriilidis ”Orgasmos” Panagiotis  and double ellimination! In a flop of Js3s9s Edmond Isaku moves all in for his remaining 210.000 chips having As7, Orgamos holding JJ re-shoves for 1.5000.000 and Gkounatidis Ioannis calls 1.300.000 with KK. Blank turn and river and Orgasmos leads the chipcount with over 4.500.000 chips!

17th place for Isaku for € 705 and Gkounatidis 16th for € 705

During the our report we had 2 more eliminations, 15th place for Glavicic Stevan and 14th for Alija Alajdin, both earned €870

Round 24 20.000/40.000/40.000

Dimitris Dimitros announced all in with KT and his opponent called with AQ. Turn show K but river was an A and Dimitros eliminated in 19th place for €535.

2 tables and 18 players continue.





22nd place for  Koromani Dritan, 21rst for Hoxha Grejsi (photo 1) and Spaseski Tomche (photo 2) in the 20th place, all for €535




Round 23 15.000/30.000/30.000

25th place for Gkalipidis Christos (photo), 24th for Tsakiris Ioannis and Daniel Gjurevski in the 23rd place, all for €535



Round 22 10.000/25.000/25.000

There are 3 tables and 25 players continue







Round 21 10.000/20.000/20.000

The chipleader at the moment is Anastasios Charitidis (photo 1) with 1.320.000 chips followed by Gavriilidis Panagiotis (photo 2) with 1.000.000 chips.

Most of the other players are on the average stack, about 470.000 chips.





Syllektis Giorgos got all in pre flop with AK with Panagiotis Gavriilidis showing KK. The board didn’ t change anything and Panagiotis send him to the rail.

Thomas Christos who was short stack announced all in for 80.000 chips and he eliminated by Charitidis Anastasios in 37th place.

We have a 20 minute break now and we are almost ready for our next payjump.





Round 20 8.000/16.000/16.000

Giorgos Paraskevas eliminated in 48th place winning 330€.

47 players continue and the next payjump is for 370€.






The great chip leader of day 1a and b Giannikis Athanasios is the unlucky one, as he was bubble boy of the main event. Unfortunately Giannikis eliminated in 61th place.





Unbelievable come back for Kontizas Nikolaos (photo) who lost yesterday, made a re-entry today and after turned the first 30.000 to 200.000 won a triple all in and now counts 690.000 chips!!! Utg opened with AJ, sb called with AK and Kontizas called from bb having KsQd. The flop was the best he could dream TsJsAs!!! Sb checks, Kontizas checks and utg checks too. Turn was a 6d, sb checks and Kontizas makes a small bet and  receives an all in from AJ and a second all in from AK…river changed nothing and Kontizas leads the chipcount!!!

Main Event is now only to the new Poker Room as the main room is ready  for the Side Event with 50 entries already.

Bust out for Pouliezos Nikolaos, Vramoski Bojan, Nasteski Viktor, Moysidis Ioannis and Vlachos Andreas and 61 players continue hand by hand until the bubble busts!




Round 18 5.000/10.000/10.000

66 continue and elimination for Zoumpoulis Georgios, Vagenas Evangelos, Mandev Lyobomir, Nikolov Toni, Koultoukis Dimitrios, Tozharov Boris, Krousis Avgoustis, Trajanov Nikola Mr T., Baruti Ergys and Bashov Dimitar.

Gjorgjievski Goran (photo 1) leads the chip count at the moment with 670.000 chips, follwed by Sytela Jouko Tapio (photo 2) with 630.000, Gavriilidis ”Orgasmos” Panagiotis (photo 3) and Dimitros Dimitros both with 620.000 and Charitidis Anastasios (photo 4) with 600.000 chips. Giannikis droped down to less than 200.000.





30 minutes break for the players to enjoy their lunch

Cash Game is on fire with 3 tables already full and a 5th one ready to open

Omaha 2/2, 2 tables Texas 2/2


Round 17 4.000/8.000/8.000

77 players continue and elimination for Panagiotidis ”Fridis77” Panagiotis (photo) who managed to turn the 12.000 to 130.000! Panagiotidis played all in with AsQs and saw 2 opponents holding AA and KK!

Koutoulidis, the player who did’t show, finaly came but his stack was less than 7 blinds and he did not found the way to increase it, so his name is among the latest eliminations, as Murhaqi Qemal, Penchev Stanislav, Mouzas Agis, Kotanidis Aris, Kapsalis Christos, Syarov Dimitar, Paparis Nikolaos, Mladenovski Boban, Krokidas Ioannis, Ushe Dorjan, Vasilopoulos Konstantinos and Trajkovski Ilyon



Round 16 3.000/6.000/6.000

103 players continue and the final numbers of ASOP#7 are 553 entries (400 entries+153 re-entries), prizepool €82.950!!!

60 places will be paid and the payouts are:

1st place: 16.590€

2nd place:10.200€

3nd place: 7.215€

4th place: 5.390€

5th place: 4.230€

6th place: 3.150€

7th place: 2.320€

8th place:1.820€

9th place: 1.410€

10th to 12th place: 1.115€

13th to 15th place: 870€

16th to 18th place:705€

19th to 27th place: 535€

28th to 36th place: 455€

37th to 45th place: 370€

46th to 60th place: 330€

  Todorov Zhivko, Koskiniotis Georgios, Karasailidis Stavros, Filipovski Filip, Kechagias Christos, Mitevski Alexandar, Skretas Evripidis, Dusanovikj Stefan and Papavramidis Sokratis




End of Round 15 and no more entries! We will soon give you the final numbers and some of the eliminations


Dimitros Dimitris reached 450.000 chips, after eliminating 3 short stacks and winning a hand with J high on a board that his opponent missed a flush draw with small cards.

Pouliezos Dimitrios climbed up to 430.000 chips, Mios Giannis to 445.000 chips and we have a player who did’t show up yet, Koutoulidis Giannis with a stack of 131.000




Round 15 2.000/4.000/4.000

We have 15 re-entries during the first 10 minutes either by players who lost yesterday or by the new eliminations.

The top 5 stacks of the day belongs to Giannikis Athanasios, Kioutsioukis Loukas, Dimitros Dimitris, Koromani Dritan and Tsaknis Vasilis (photos)






Everything is ready for Day 2 with open registrations until the end of Round 15.

Today we have 40 minutes blind level, 3 extra time bank cards of 30 sec, a field of 145 players and a prizepool of €79.650!

After late registration is over we will give you the final payouts.

Don’t forget the side event today at 16.00 local with a buy in of €60 and a guarantee prizepool of €5.000 + 10 tickets (value €2.000) for the upcoming ASOP#8 €75.000 buy in €200 2-5 April!

A big thank you to all players for their participation and support to every tournament of Apollonia Casino and a promise for greatest events to come…

…Because the Game belongs to the Players…

Important tools of the day…position, all in option and time banks!!!

Let the game begin…




531 entries (216 Day 1A+315 Day 1B) / 145 players continue / €79.650 and massive chipleader of DAY 1 is Giannikis Athanasios with 448.000!!!

The numbers of Day 1B are: 215 entries+100 re-entries / 91 players continue and chipleader of the day is Kioutsioukis Loukas with 273.000 chips!!!

Here you can see the total chipcount of DAY 1:

1.Giannikis Athanasios 448.000

2.Kioutsioukis Loukas 273.000

3.Dimitros Dimitris 269.500

4.Koromani Dritan 259.000

5.Tsaknis Vasilis 259.000

6.”The Boss” 245.000

7.Mios Ioannis 243.000

8.Gjorgjievski Goran 225.000

9.Boyanov Elenko 225.000

10.Giannopoulos Nikos 223.000

11.Gavriilidis Panagiotis 218.000

12.Pouliezos Nikolaos 218.000

13.Mihaylov Kostadin 214.000

14.Mouzas Agis 191.000

15.Papadopoulos Malamat 186.000

16.Savvas Theofilos 186.000

17.Shalev Ljupcho 184.500

18.Kapourtzoudis Charalampos 184.000

19.Hoxha Grejsi 179.000

20.Karatzidis Christoforos 178.000

21.Charitidis Anastasios 177.000

22.Konstantopoulos Miltiadis 175.000

23.Tenedios Thomas 174.000

24.Michas Alexandros 173.000

25.Alija Alajdin 165.000

26.Syllektis Giorgos 164.000

27.Leathem Andrew Jhon 163.000

28.Georgiev Evgeni 159.000

29.Rouvetis Giannis 155.000

30.Isaku Edmond 155.000

31.Hoxha Berat 155.000

32.Kikenis Konstantinos 153.000

33.Bogas Dimitris 151.000

34.Tsenos Christos 149.000

35.Gkampaeridis Nikos 147.000

36.Yonchev Grigor 146.000

37.Papastefanou Panagiotis 145.000

38.Marvakis Symeon 144.000

39.Vlachos Andreas 142.000

40.Nikolov Toni 142.000

41.Grigorov Ivo 138.000

42.Trajanov Nikola 134.000

43.Gjurevski Daniel 133.000

44.Anestis ”Fanatik” Z. 131.000

45.Koutoulidis Josif Giannis 131.000

46.Kechagias Christos 130.000

47.Papas Konstantinos 130.000

48.White Ivey 129.000

49.Ushe Dorjan 129.000

50.Karadimov Kiril 129.000

51.Vagenas Evangelos 126.000

52.Moysidis Ioannis 125.000

53.Zoumpourlis Giorgos 125.000

54.Spaseski Tomche 123.000

55.Markov Kaloyan 122.000

56.Laovski Filip 122.000

57.Tsionos Athanasios 122.000

58.Bashov Dimitar 120.000

59.John Goun 118.000

60.Paraskevas Giorgos 117.000

61.Mimikopoulos Konstantinos 116.000

62.Doric Zoran 113.000

63.Krousis Avgoustis 113.000

64. A. N. 112.000

65.Sytela Jouko Tapio 110.000

66.Tsonev Simeon 109.000

67.Avramovski Bojan 108.000

68.Glavicic Stevan 106.000

69.Todorov Simeon 104.000

70.T I 103.000

71.Mitevski Aleksandar 103.000

72.Kamperis Evaggelos 102.000

73.Vasilopoulos Konstantinos 101.000

74.Syaron Dimitar 100.000

75.Gkatzas Dimitris 99.000

76.Anthopoulos Giorgos 98.500

77.Seretis Antonios 91.000

78.Panagiotidis Panagiotis 91.000

79.Sazdovski Damjan 91.000

80.Sfetsos Georgios 90.000

81.Murhaqi Qemal 90.000

82.Mitsios Christos 89.000

83.P. O. 88.000

84.Arabadzhieva Mariya 87.000

85.Todorov Zhivko 87.000

86.Mladenovski Boban 86.000

87.Chuchuk Gjorgji 86.000

88.Dimitriou Giorgos 85.000

89.Tsitiridis Giannis 83.000

90.Dimitrievski Petar 81.000

91.Baruti Ergys 81.000

92.Zacharakis Nikos 80.000

93.Kotanidis Aris 81.000

94.Mitrovski Marjan 80.000

95.Gkalipidis Christos 79.000

96.Daskoulidis Giannis 74.000

97.Krstev Panche 74.000

98.Paraschos Apostolos 73.000

99.Karatzias Odysseas 71.000

100.Yosifov Borislav 71.000

101.Baltiras Savvas 70.000

102.Paschos Dimosthenis 70.000

103.Krivokapic Goran 69.000

104.Nasteski Viktor 68.000

105.Papavramidis Sokratis 67.000

106.Krokidas Giannis 63.500

107.Paparis Nikos 63.000

108.Kokotas Argyrios 60.000

109.Thomas Christos 60.000

110.Zachariou Fanos 59.000

111.Giannakis Dimitris 58.500

112.Koskiniotis Georgios 58.000

113.Hristov Mihail Dobrev 55.000

114.Uzunov Petar 55.000

115.Mouratidis Anastasios 55.000

116.Giannakopoulos Stefanos 53.500

117.Penchev Stanislav 53.000

118.Mangiridis Miltiadis 53.000

119.Antoniou Pantelis 52.000

120.Ignjatovski Dragan 52.000

121.Tozharov Boris 51.000

122.Koultoukis Dimitrios 51.000

123.Yordanov Kiril 50.000

124.Drakidis Giannis 49.000

125.Kuch Samir 49.000

126.Mandev Lyobomir Rosenov 49.000

127.Papadanili Vasilis 48.000

128.Trajanov Nikola MR. T. 47.000

129.Dischev Yordan 47.000

130.Vasos Christos 46.000

131.Marmagkiolis Dimitris 45.000

132.Savov Borislav 45.000

133.Karathanasis Apostolos 44.000

134.Dalakas Konstantinos 44.000

135.Kanaridis Georgios 40.000

136.Sgouros Athanasios 39.000

137.Avramidis Symeon 39.000

138.Stefanovski Martin 38.000

139.Vlachos Dimitris 37.000

140.Karaisaridis Stavros 36.000

141.Yordanov Plamen 31.000

142.Tsatsos Dimosthenis 31.000

143.Papadakis Christos 26.000

144.Manis Dimitris 19.000

145.Petrov Tomov Stefan 10.000




Round 14 1.500/3.000/3.000

Last level for today with 96 players left. Stay tuned for the final chip count…





Round  13 1.200/2.400/2.400

One elimination after an other, leaving 113 players in the game and 2 more levels until the end of Day 1B




Round 12 1.000/2.000/2.000

Play your A-game and be the King of the game!!!




Round 11 800/1.600/1.600



Yordanov Plamen (photo 1) eliminates 2 short stacks with his KK holding against JQ and TT and now counts 80.000 chips.

Dritan Koromani (photo 2) reached 200.000 chips and is one of the big stacks so far.

Waiting list is now over and players can re-enter without having to wait.




We are back from a 20 minutes break with Round 9 500/1.000/1.000. We still have 5 full levels until the end of Day 1B and count 278 entries+re-entries and a few more names in the waiting list!




Does Artemis Fournaris (photo 1) play only pocket pairs?

He lost with a set of Q, won a 2.500 all in with 88 vs JJ and won with straight and just now he shoved 5.900 with 5d5s, got called by AcQd, the board showed AJ3QK with 4 spades and tripled up this time with flush! Just a few more combinations of pocket pairs left for him…



Round 8 400/800/800

Championship Main Events Prize is one more reason to play your A-game!





Round 6 250/500/500

204 entries + 8 re-entries and a waiting list of 25 players!!!




Round 5 200/400/400




Among today’s players, we spotted the winners of the previous Apollonia Events like Koromani Dritan (photo 1) who was the winner of ASOP#1 and ASOP#5, Pasachidis Dimitris (photo 2) the winner of ASOP#4, Panagiotis “Orgasmos” Gavriilidis (photo 3) the winner of ASOP#6, Kytidis Ilias (photo 4) the winner of Masters#1 and the winner of our last event TROPHY#1 Paris Vergas (photo 5).





Round 4 150/300/300



Round 3 100/200/200

Good day for T9 today. After ”Fanatik”, Paraschos Apostolos doubles up with T9 against Fournaris’ QQ!

Fournaris opened with QQ and hit a set on flop (Q97), Paraschos called the c-bet holding T9 and saw an 8 on turn. Second barrel for Fournaris and a call to Paraschos’ 3-bet’. A blank river was enough for both players to go all in, leaving Fournaris with less than 7.000





Round 2 50/100

Triple up for Anestis ”Fanatik” Z. who found his magic card on the river!

”Fanatik” had Th9h to a flop of Q85 (2 hearts). The 4-way action continued on turn (4s) and on the river came the magic Jack! His first opponent went all in holding JQ, ”Fanatik” called, the third player also called showing a set of Q and the 4rth player foled AhJh!

”Fanatik” now with 90.000 chips!!!


Round 1 25/50





Day 1B is about to begin with 180 entries already and prizepool of €59.400!!!






216 entries (172 entries+44 re-entries) / 54 players continue / €32.400

Day 1A is over and the chipleader of the day is Giannikis Athanasios with 448.000 chips!!!

Here you can see the full chipcount:

1. Giannikis Athanasios 448.000

2. Dimitros Dimitris 269.500

3. Tsaknis Vasilis 259.000

4. “The Boss” 245.000

5. Mios Ioannis 243.000

6. Savvas Theofilos 186.000

7. Shalev Ljupcho 184.500

8. Kapourtzoudis Charalampos 184.000

9. Hoxha Grejsi 179.000

10. Charitidis Anastasios 177.000

11. Michas Alexandros 173.000

12. Syllektis Giorgos 164.000

13. Georgiev Evgeni 159.000

14. Rouvetis Giannis 155.000

15. Isaku Edmond 155.000

16. Bogas Dimitris 151.000

17. Tsenos Christos 149.000

18. Vlachos Andreas 142.000

19. Gjurevski Daniel 133.000

20. Kechagias Christos 130.000

21. Ushe Dorjan 129.000

22. Spaseski Tomche 123.000

23. Markov Kaloyan 122.000

24. Doric Zoran 113.000

25. Sytela Jouko Tapio 110.000

26. Tsonev Simeon 109.000

27. Avramovski Bojan 108.000

28. Glavicic Stevan 106.000

29. Todorov Simeon 104.000

30. T I 103.000

31. Kamperis Evaggelos 102.000

32. Vasilopoulos Konstantinos 101.000

33. Gkatzas Dimitris 99.000

34. Anthopoulos Giorgos 98.500

35. Tsitiridis Giannis 83.000

36. Dimitrievski Petar 81.000

37. Baruti Ergys 81.000

38. Zacharakis Nikos 80.000

39. Gkalipidis Christos 79.000

40. Daskoulidis Giannis 74.000

41. Krivokapic Goran 69.000

42. Krokidas Giannis 63.500

43. Paparis Nikos 63.000

44. Giannakis Dimitris 58.500

45. Mouratidis Anastasios 55.000

46. Penchev Stanislav 53.000

47. Mangiridis Miltiadis 53.000

48. Antoniou Pantelis 52.000

49. Mandev Lyobomir Rosenov 49.000

50. Papadanili Vasilis 48.000

51. Marmagkiolis Dimitris 45.000

52. Savov Borislav 45.000

53. Vlachos Dimitris 37.000

54. Karaisaridis Stavros 36.000



Round 14 1.500/3.000/3.000

63 players in the game and we are running the last level for today.

Dimitros Dimitris (photo 1) seems to be leading the chip count with over 400.000 chips!

Stay tuned for the final chip count of DAY 1A!




Round 13 1.200/2.400/2.400

Not a good day for AA and AK!

250.000 chips for Giorgos ”NonStoper” Eythimiadis! The flop (A85) gave 2 pair to Giorgos who was holding A8 and his opponent showed AK. An all in and a call was enough to give the pot to NonStoper!

Quad Jacks for Giorgos Anthopoulos (photo 1) against Todorov Simeon’s (photo 2) AA!!! Todorov opened and Anthopoulos went all in, Todorov called and the flop showed 2 Jacks!

Bust out for Hrakleitos who lost with AA against Todorov’s KQ! Hrakleitos opened from utg and got called by 2 players. The flop came TJQ and Hrakleitos went all in for his last 25.000 chips and got called by Todorov. A J on turn and a 9 on the river gave the pot to Todorov!



You don’t build a business, you build people and then people build the business!

We try our best, to be the best…




”If there weren’t luck involved, I would win every time.” Phil Hellmuth



Round 11 800/1.600/1.600




Round 9 500/1.000/1.000

172 entries and 35 re-entries so far and we have 4 more rounds (end of round 14) until the end of Day 1A. Registrations and re-entries are allowed until the end of level 15 on Day 2 .


For some players the low buy in of €170 is a chance to play loose and maybe get lucky…for others is a chance to stack chips.

We are now on a 20 minutes break



30.000 pot lost for Giorgos ”NonStoper” Eythimiadis

Giorgos opened with AK and on a 3KA flop he hit 2 barrels on flop and turn and got called by his opponent who had JQ. The river was a T and his opponent shoved with Giorgos calling and loosing almost 14.000 chips in total. Fortunately for him his stack was about 75.000 and is now left with more than enough chips to play his game!




Round 7 300/600/600



Round 5 200/400/400

We are back from the first break with 170 entries, 8 re-entries and a waiting list of 5.

Nick ”the Greek” Dandolos: ”The only difference between a winner and a loser is character.”

A great tournament with many and great characters each one of them fighting for the first place only!




Big Pot for Athanasios Giannikis after winning a triple all-in!!!

Giannikis had 79 and saw a dream flop 568 with his opponents holding a set of 5 and a set of 6.

Turn and river didn’t change anything and it seems that he is the chipleader at the moment with over 84.000 chips


”My favorite chip trick is to make everyone’s chip stack disappear.”

Amarillo Slim




”When the cards are dealt, I just want to destroy people.” Stu Ungar


Round 3 100/200

We reached the capacity of 162 players and the waiting list is about to start so, all re-entries will go after the new entries.


Round 2 50/100

How do you play with 300 big blinds? Answer: Easy…All in!!! So…we already have the first re-entry!

156 entries / 1 re-entry!




Good evening from Apollonia Casino Poker Room with 127 entries already!!!

We are about to break one more guarantee…stay tuned…

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